Las Vegas Shooting: Forensic Investigator Identifies Location of Second Shooter

Following a detailed scientific analysis of the acoustics during the Las Vegas massacre, forensic investigator Mike Adams has managed to narrow down the location of the second shooter’s location.

By being able to pinpoint the position of the 2nd gunman by affirmatively identifying the range and distance of the second shooter, Adams has revealed that the additional gunfire wasn’t coming from the Mandalay Bay hotel, but an entirely separate point.

Adams has also released a video with a detailed explanation of the acoustics analysis.


The evidence also forensically confirmed that some rifle rounds were, indeed, coming from a range that is consistent with the distance of the Mandalay Bay hotel.

According to Adams, this analysis is rooted in the bullet time of flight acoustic analysis (forensic acoustics), and it is irrefutable proof based on the laws of physics.

These are bombshell revelations that may change the course of the investigation. All the math will be clearly spelled out for you in the upcoming video to be posted here on Tuesday. All the math is clearly explained in the video below.

To repeat: YES, my analysis confirms that at least one shooter was almost certainly positioned at the Mandalay Bay. But a second shooter is also clearly identified at a significantly closer range through forensic acoustic analysis.

I repeat: There were at least TWO shooters in play, operating at two very different ranges. One of these ranges is much closer to the concert venue than the Mandalay Bay property.

The evidence is already encoded in all the audio of all the videos posted on YouTube. This is explained in the technical explanation video.

Three likely locations where a second shooter was perched By combining this acoustic forensic analysis with map views of the scene, I have been able to identify three likely locations where the second shooter may have been perched: The rooftop of the AM/PM convenience store North of the concert venue.

The Oasis Apartments rooftops to the Southeast of the concert venue. The dirt mound/construction site due South of the concert venue.

Spread the word on this. You won’t be disappointed. This analysis makes the FBI’s bumbling incompetence look like Romper Room. You are about to see actual science on display, helping solve the real story behind this unfortunate massacre.



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